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Highly vigilant not to enter the stock market "kill pig plate" investment trap

With the rapid development of information technology and the wide application of the Internet, the traditional "black mouth" has further evolved into a new illegal form, and the network fraud cases dominated by "killing pig plate" are frequent. In the fourth quarter of each year, especially in the high incidence period, criminals usually use new Internet technology to illegally carry out activities such as over-the-counter capital allocation, stock recommendation and "killing pig plate", Induce investors to buy stocks and sell at the same time.

So how do lawbreakers take various means to defraud investors, and how should investors identify such scams to protect their legitimate rights and interests? we take "killing pigs" as an example to analyze the common routines of cases and put forward preventive suggestions. I hope that the majority of investors will keep their eyes open, be vigilant, and beware of being cheated!

1. what is a "pig plate"?

The so-called "pig killing market" means that illegal gangs use social media to illegally recommend stocks to lure investors to buy stocks at high prices, and at the same time, they sell related stocks in reverse for illegal profits, and even directly set up virtual accounts., The implementation of virtual transactions will wipe out the funds invested by investors, seriously disrupting market order and infringing on investors' rights and interests.

2. common routines

In the pig-killing routine, the manipulation group uses its capital and shareholding advantages in advance to continuously buy and sell designated stocks, affecting the trading price and trading volume of the stock. Then, "Black Mouth" uses Internet social media to establish a stock recommendation group and a stock recommendation public number, and hires a network "Big V" to publicize it, drain and attract shareholders, and vigorously encourage retail investors to "follow the investment" to buy, inducing victims to be willing to invest real money in their recommend "insider stocks" and then ship them quickly and make a profit in a short period of time.

The first step to find the target (suction powder)

With the help of new Internet technologies such as mobile phone live broadcast, online self-media live broadcast platform, WeChat stock recommendation group, stock recommendation public number and other methods, "Black Mouth" mainly uses stock evaluation and technical analysis to teach stock market ups and downs and stock speculation skills, so as to make investors believe in their "professionalism" and attract investors' attention. Even some criminal gangs will pretend to be the customer service personnel of securities firms to cast a wide net to find their target groups.

The second step is to cheat trust (circle powder)

After attracting the attention of shareholders, swindlers will actively attract people into the group. In the communication group, there will be "professional teachers" and "insiders" who will continuously release real-time stock market hot spots, recommend high-quality stocks with high popularity recently, and some will even invite some so-called "big V" and "stock gods" to teach in the group. The content of the "teachers" lectures is also what they like, only talking about technical analysis, not logic, nor the fundamentals of the company, the "trust" in the group will send out the information that some stocks recommended in the early stage have obtained large profits by means of "drying the list" and "drying the income", constantly advocating the practical operation ability of the "teacher", setting off the atmosphere, imperceptibly influencing the audience and tempting investors. the "assistant" will also frequently interact with investors to make you trust them, and some swindlers will even take care of you, let you trust him (her) more deeply.

The third step bewitched investment (killing pigs)

When the time is ripe, the live broadcast room and WeChat group will recommend stocks simultaneously, and investors will be required to follow the instructions, "buy in a unified way", "listen to the instructions", "get rich together", "buy in all positions at XX time", "professional teachers", "insiders" and "assistants" will continuously send them to investors through WeChat group or SMS, compelling them to buy in all positions, and finally investors will buy stocks at a high positions, the criminal gang successfully shipped.

When I tried to negotiate with the other party again, the liar had disappeared without a trace. When the victim suddenly realized that he had been cheated, the money had entered the swindler's pocket.

3. related cases

In May 2020, the Qingyuan District Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province, cracked a "pig-killing" stock recommendation fraud case, destroyed four fraud dens, arrested 50 people involved in the case headed by Chen Mou at the scene, seized more than 100 mobile phones, 30 computers, 95 mobile phone cards, bank cards, etc., and deceived people all over the country.

In September 2021, the police in Xunyang, Jiujiang, Jiangxi received a report that Ms. Li, who lives in Xunyang District, Jiujiang City, entered the WeChat group called "Internal Operation of Qunying Club" through the recommend of strangers on WeChat. Under the recommend of the management of the group, she downloaded an investment APP and purchased shares in the APP under the guidance of the other party. Ms. Li recharged 1.55 million yuan in the APP altogether. On September 27, she found that the APP could not be opened, found cheated immediately call the police.

How 4. investors can guard against the risk of "killing pigs" in the stock market

To guard against the risk of "killing pigs" in the stock market, we should not be credulous or blindly followed, and be cautious and rational. Don't be fooled by some "investment experts" and "insiders" who are "making money every day", and don't blindly believe in the recommend of the so-called "big V", "stock god" and "experts". Don't just click on screenshots and links of unknown origin, let alone join investment groups full of strangers. It is determined not to participate in induced investments such as "unified buying" and "everyone making money together.

Here, the Company once again reminds investors: choose legal securities operating institutions, establish a rational investment concept.

Disclaimer: The above content is for reference only and does not constitute specific operation suggestions. According to this, the operation is at your own risk and profit.

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