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In order to create a high-quality, high-skilled and high-level talent team in an all-round way, and further improve the overall professional skills and safety operation level of the company's driving operation; at the same time, in order to reduce the safety accident risk of daily driving operation and create a safe working atmosphere for people, the Ministry of safety and environmental protection decided to make November this year a driving safety month to carry out a comprehensive improvement combining theory and practice. This activity is divided into two stages: the first stage is the driving operation certificate examination certification; the second stage is the driving safety skills competition.

The purpose of the driving operation certification examination is to strengthen the personnel's basic understanding of driving, strictly control the qualification of operators, and reduce the occurrence of driving safety accidents. For this reason, a ''Driving Safety Management Regulations ''has been issued, and the focus is to require in-factory driving operators Only after passing the company's driving theory and practical examination can you hold a certificate. In this way, the driving operators are prevented from being mixed, and some people who are not familiar with the driving are free to play. The provisions are as follows: 1. All driving operators must pass the theoretical examination; 2. From October 1, 2020, the relevant personnel who enter the job will have to take the practical examination after passing the theoretical examination; 3. After passing the theoretical and practical operation, the employees can only take up their posts after on-site supervision and examination by the safety department and verification and certification. Qualified personnel shall uniformly post the "driving operation" logo on the safety helmet. In addition, the traffic repair, maintenance and inspection are also described in detail. After layers of recommend and screening in 16 factories, a total of 774 people passed the driving theory examination, of which 92 employees within one year of employment passed the on-site practical examination and also obtained the qualification of driving operation certificate.


After the previous stage of operation certification, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection immediately organized and launched the "Acodi First Driving Safety Skills Competition", hoping that through the competition, the old masters will show their superb control skills and let everyone have a deeper understanding of the operation and use of driving. Later, 16 factories selected 36 outstanding players from the original personnel who passed the operation certification to participate in the competition.

On November 25 in the golden autumn season, it was sunny and sunny. at 1: 00 p.m. in the zhe rui mold workshop in the 3rd factory area, the "aikody's first driving safety skills competition" officially kicked off. the contestants, staff and visiting colleagues gathered together. with the whistle of the referee, the first associate contestant began to lift. the iron bucket weighing more than 100kg slowly rose. in the process, a master who returned to the origin after a long battle in the battlefield, he moved skilfully and got a high score throughout the game in one go.


This competition mainly compares the psychological quality of the contestants, the stability of the operation and the accuracy of the landing point. During the whole competition, the contestants showed their housekeeping skills, competition skills and level, and black horses one after another. After 3 hours of fierce competition, in the end, Xiecheng Bao Wentao won the first prize. Lin Mengjun of the sixth factory and Lin Qiang of the seventh factory won the second prize. Zhang Quan of the second factory, Zhu Jiang of the third factory and Zhang Chun of the mold factory won the third prize.


In this competition, all participating units attached great importance to it. They all carried out pre-competition training, on-the-job training and competition selection activities, and made full preparations before the competition. In the competition, the contestants had a good mental outlook and achieved a high level of competition. The judges worked conscientiously and carefully, reflecting the principles of fairness and justice. The holding of this driving skills competition has encouraged and mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to learn technology and practice skills, promoted the exchanges between factories, and at the same time strengthened the construction of the new employee team, and mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to learn driving skills. The purpose of learning and improving is achieved by competition.

November, Traffic Safety Action Month, New Beginning, New Starting Point.

Safety and Environmental Protection Department Gu Guanglu

26 November 2021

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