Experts from China Electric Vehicle Association of 100 Visited IKD for Research

On May 8, 2018, Bai Gang, vice president of the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of the China Electric vehicle Association of 100, Gao Xiang, vice president of the New Energy vehicle Research Institute, Li Xumeng, Cheng Yafei, industry consultant Wang Yueyi, and other experts, accompanied by Xu Yun, deputy secretary of the party committee of Ningbo Economic and Information Commission, and Wang Bin, deputy director of Jiangbei District Economic and Information Bureau, visited the company for investigation. Zhang Jiancheng, chairman and general manager of the company, and He Shenghua, assistant general manager, received the visiting guests.


Zhang Jiancheng introduced in detail the development significance and construction process of the company's digital factory, and gave examples to illustrate the current achievements and future development goals. Bai Gang and his party fully affirmed IKD's strategic goal of building an intelligent benchmarking factory for automotive aluminum alloy precision die castings.

Later, accompanied by He Shenghua, Bai Gang and his party visited the raw material warehouse, smelting workshop, die casting workshop, machining workshop, testing room, new factory area and full-automatic three-dimensional warehouse successively to learn more about the intelligent implementation process of real-time information feedback of intelligent billboards on the production site, intelligent terminal operation, employee code scanning and uploading, etc. During the investigation, Bai Gang and his party fully affirmed that IKD takes lean thinking as the core and uses advanced cutting-edge technology to gradually realize the construction process and results of intelligent factories integrating informatization, automation and lean. At the same time, they hope IKD can gradually popularize the mode of deep integration of IE IT (Industrial Engineering Internet) in automobile manufacturing enterprises and drive the common development of intelligent manufacturing in the auto parts industry.


According to reports, the China Electric Vehicle Association of 100 was jointly initiated and established by officials, scholars, and entrepreneurs from government departments, research institutions, and industry. It is positioned as an interdisciplinary, industry, departmental, and ownership, unofficial and non-profit policy and academic research institution in the field of electric vehicles in China, and a third-party think tank of the state in the field of electric vehicles, striving to break the limitations of industries, disciplines, ownership and departments. Further promote the development of my country's electric vehicle industry.

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