Production Engineering

Over the years of accumulation and development, the company has a number of core production technology and engineering and these are used in the various process of production, including energy saving melting and such melting technology; insulation, multistage injection with real-time feedback of controlling, high vacuum die casting, local extrusion diecasting, mold temperature controlling, aerial fog spraying and such die casting technology; flexible manufacturing, application of PCD cutting tools, high efficient multiple-spindle machining, checking regression of workpieces, flexible positioning, thin-walled parts processing, knurling with cuttings, extrusion pressing and such precision machining technology; integrated automation technology like automatic loading and uploading by robots etc.; tests for cleanliness, measurement for convex point surface of die casting parts, automatic detecting of “X-RAY”, air-leakage test, high efficient threaded-hole detecting, non-contact flatness detecting technology and such high precision detection technology. It has experienced professional technical team. On the basis of mastering the core technology, its independent R&D and technology innovation ability has been further enhanced through continued cooperation for product development and technology communication with large automotive system suppliers.

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