Aikodi was awarded the title of the country's first "5G Smart Factory" demonstration base.

On May 17, 2020, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. (China Mobile) "5G Smart Factory" prairie action launch meeting and demonstration base award ceremony was held in Factory 5, the company was awarded the country's first "5G Smart Factory" demonstration base honorary title.

At present, 2100 fully digital devices have been connected, with a total investment of more than 4500 million yuan since 2016, and 2300 devices are expected to be connected by the end of this year. Starting from the establishment of Ningbo's first 5G digital factory workshop in early 2019, after a year of practical exploration last year, the company's per capita output value increased by 17%, the average production efficiency of equipment increased by 19%, the defective product rate decreased by 15%, the quality customer complaint decreased by 23%, and the overall inventory decreased by about 70 million yuan.

"This' 5G Smart Factory' is a re-upgrade of the past smart factory construction and intelligent transformation of production lines. It will realize full coverage of 5G network in the factory and install 12 platforms and applications such as 5G production billboard, 5G real-life video space command system, 5G 3D scanning system, AR human-computer interaction system, 5G intelligent storage logistics, 5G industrial Internet platform, etc." The 5G factory has invested more than 200 million yuan to complete the networking of nearly 50 devices in 4 workshops, and it is expected to reach 600 devices by the end of this year. This award will accelerate the research on new human-computer interaction, trusted supply chain and industrial big data with China Mobile, and inject new momentum into the development of China's leading professional supplier of automotive aluminum alloy precision die castings.




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