Acodi & 360 Successfully Signed, Both Sides Jointly Build Industrial Internet of Things Security Pilot

On January 9, Aikodi 360 signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a domestic network security company. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of industrial Internet of Things security, jointly create industrial Internet of Things security pilots, and explore new models and new models of 5G industrial Internet network security. Application, to achieve a new situation of multi-party collaboration and win-win. Wang Fabao of Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau, Zheng Bo of Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau, Ying Yuebo, deputy director of Jiangbei District Economic and Information Bureau, Chen Juntao, secretary general of Ningbo Enterprise Informatization Promotion Association, Lu Zhiqiang, vice president of Ningbo Branch of Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Yao Tong, vice president of 360 Group, and Chen Shang, general manager of Ningbo Branch of China Mobile Communications Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd, as well as the hardware suppliers Ningbo Haocheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Aikepu Computer System Service Co., Ltd., Ningbo Tengxiang Information System Engineering Co., Ltd., who have been working closely with Aikedi, attended the signing ceremony.


He Shenghua, Deputy General Manager of Acodi Co., Ltd., signed a contract with Yao Tong, Vice President of 360 Group.


Speech by Chen Juntao, Secretary-General of Ningbo Enterprise Informatization Promotion Association

At the meeting, Secretary-General Chen Juntao said that the application of digital technology in the industrial field has formed a competitive pattern among major manufacturing countries, and the resulting information security and industrial control security issues have also affected the national economy, people's livelihood and economic development. Prior to this, my country had issued relevant laws and policy guidelines, and Ningbo City followed suit to make a series of work to strengthen and accelerate the establishment of our city's industrial control safety guarantee system. As a well-known security manufacturer in China, 360 company began to lay out the field of industrial information security many years ago, with rich experience and comprehensive information security management system. Acodi and 360 cooperation is a strong alliance, is expected to provide a replicable, can promote the overall security solution, become the industry, Ningbo model sample.


He Shenghua, Deputy General Manager of Acodi, introduced the latest situation of the digital factory.

General Manager He Shenghua introduced the latest situation of Acodi Digital Factory. More than 2100 devices in 21 workshops have been connected to the network, and 5G technology has been introduced jointly with China Mobile in early 2019 to establish Ningbo's first digital factory with 5G application. He said that the Ikody 5 plant has deployed a 360 full set of industrial Internet software and hardware platforms, including industrial firewalls, industrial audit systems, wireless network sensing devices, etc., and received a complete industrial Internet of Things security report.


Field-deployed 360 wireless network-aware devices

"We hope to be able to extend this solution to all factories, form a standardized model, so that all digital factories can use this platform. In the future, Akodi and 360 will continue to explore other ways of cooperation." He Shenghua said.


Director Zhang Jianxin talked about some difficulties faced in the implementation of the industrial Internet field at present: for example, enterprises are faced with problems such as high equipment deployment cost, difficult assessment of defense effect, large investment in security operation and maintenance, and no plan for emergency response, as well as problems such as lack of technical means, insufficient supervision and shallow supervision at the supervision level; security vendors also encounter problems such as difficulty in understanding user needs, fragmentation of a single product, and difficulties in marketing products.

Faced with these difficulties, 360 put forward its own industrial Internet solutions. Zhang Jianxin said that it uses the network-wide security big data, threat intelligence, and knowledge base accumulated over the 360 years, combined with strong detection capabilities, to achieve a truly "trusted environment" in the industrial environment ". In this environment, a multi-level trusted security domain is established, a host, boundary, and network active defense system is established, and a complete industrial Internet security solution is constructed. Through a unified security management platform for centralized management of operation and maintenance, combined with the industrial Internet situational awareness platform, an efficient early warning and protection system from risk prediction to defense in depth is realized. Through its own security capabilities and data accumulation, the 360 empowers enterprises engaged in industrial Internet security services and establishes a good industrial Internet security ecology. Through the flow of security data, the integration of industrial Internet security is realized, creating more opportunities for all partners and obtaining higher value.

Finally, Zhang Jianxin said that the current 5G and industrial Internet is in a boom. In November 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" 5G Industrial Internet "512 Project Promotion Plan", clarifying that by 2022, it will break through a number of 5G key technologies for the specific needs of the industrial Internet. 360 hope to participate in the construction of Ningbo Industrial Internet as a security manufacturer, and help, cooperate and escort the rapid development of good places in the field of industrial Internet.


The cooperation between the two sides will become the pioneer and leader of domestic digital factories under the new mode of 5G industrial Internet network security.

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