Lean First Anniversary, Sailing Again-Acodi Lean Production Phase I Summary and Phase II Launch Meeting

In November 2018, the lean production project of Aikodi No.5 factory was officially launched. The sonorous oath was still in my ears and the lofty sentiments of the promise were vividly remembered.

On January 4, 2020, the first phase of lean production project was successfully completed, and Acodi welcomed the first phase of lean production summary and the second phase kick-off meeting. Under the witness of all colleagues, the meeting reviewed the history and achievements of lean production in 2019, hired the second phase project consultant team, commended the advanced departments and outstanding individuals in the first phase of the project, and made a strategic plan for lean production in 2020.

Do not love the past, do not fear the future. Time is flowing, Acodi has been groping for a whole year on the road of lean production, with sadness, sweat and fruitful results. In 2019, we will build a total of 11 die-casting unit islands and 12 machining unit lines. The per capita output value will increase by 60%, the in-process inventory will decrease by 68%, the production cycle will be shortened by 43%, and the quality will be reduced by 11%. At the same time, we have formulated a major schedule for the implementation of lean production phase II in 2020 around the start-up rate, production line construction and comprehensive qualification rate.



5# Factory Lean Production Phase I Summary and Phase II Launch Meeting

A hundred boats compete for the current, a thousand sails compete for the hair. Aikodi's achievements in the past year are inseparable from the 1.1 efforts of every Aikodi person, from production to technology, from equipment to quality, this is an exploration of the direction of the industry, this is an improvement of full participation, we choose, we create, we discover, we change.

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Posted by department managers

In the process of promoting the first phase of the project, a large number of team leaders and operators with lean concept emerged. They put forward golden ideas and put them into practice from the aspects of product manufacturing, equipment maintenance and production line management.

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Company leaders present awards to the best departments and outstanding individuals

He who strives first, he who advances wins.. Aikodi Lean Production Phase I Summary and Phase II Launch Meeting ended in a big photo. The curtain does not mean the end, but a new beginning, a beginning that stands at a new starting point and looks forward to a higher future. There is a long way to go in Xiu Yuan. I will go up and down. In 2020, we will unswervingly continue to promote lean production. We have the determination and confidence to achieve our goals, and the 2020 will shine brilliantly.



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