Aikodi Builds Ningbo's First 5G Digital Factory Workshop



As one of the leading professional suppliers of automotive aluminum alloy precision die castings in China, Aikodi has been committed to promoting the lean digital factory strategy. This year, Acodi and China Mobile introduced 5G technology and established Ningbo's first 5G digital factory workshop, ushering in a new opportunity for industrial transformation and striving to build the largest "5G + digital factory" in the national automobile industry chain ". Through the planning and implementation of end-to-end 5G application transformation of factory network and automatic production line, it is estimated that more than 2300 devices will be networked and more than 4000 I/O input/output data points will be connected to monitoring production. This will save 400 hot spots and 30 kilometers of network lines. The introduction of 5G technology is expected to help the company improve its production efficiency by more than 10%.



In the next step, the company will further deploy 5G edge computing and network slicing with China Mobile to realize the application of 5G intelligent manufacturing scenarios such as predictive maintenance of equipment and intelligent inspection, and further promote the lean, information and automation of intelligent manufacturing.

Facing the situation of new challenges in the global economy, Aikodi actively explores and innovates digital manufacturing and explores new models of intelligent manufacturing. Arm the manufacturing industry with digital manufacturing to achieve intelligent and green deep integration, fundamentally improve production efficiency, reduce costs, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, realize the industrialization of the manufacturing process, ensure sustainable development, and promote the economy to the industrial chain and value chain High-end climb.

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