The Power of Upward-The anniversary of the establishment of Acody College was successfully held!

On August 31, 2019, the anniversary of the establishment of Aikodi College was successfully held. IKD middle and senior management team, internal trainers, college staff and student representatives gathered together to celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment of the college.



At the beginning, the big screen showed the journey of Acody College. In the past year, Acody College has organized more than 8,000 learning and activities, such as "Leadership Project", "Seminar Project", "Star Project" and other projects, "Youth Party", "Goddess Festival Dessert DIY" And other activities.

Afterwards, the members of the company's board of directors lit the birthday fireworks that symbolized the one-year-old, and the audience sang the birthday song in unison. Everyone sent blessings to the college with warm applause!




In the appointment ceremony of internal trainers, a total of 12 internal trainers accepted the appointment of the college. This is the first batch of internal trainers certified by Acody College, which is of great significance!








The representative of the corporate culture construction team sang "Life in Blooming" and the anniversary celebration reached its climax!



During the activity, teachers Zhu Meiyan and Feng Jingying of Ningbo Institute of Technology delivered speeches, expressing their affirmation and wishes for the growth of Aikodi College. The host also invited 6 student representatives to speak.

After the successful conclusion of the one-week anniversary celebration, the first lesson of the "salary fire plan" will start! Dong Liping, assistant to the chairman of the company and executive dean of Acodi College, explained the relevant situation of the project. Zhang Jiancheng, chairman and general manager of Acodi College and dean of Acodi College, gave lectures in person.





In one's life, one has the spirit of being positive, striving for progress and seizing the day since childhood, pursuing different dreams, ideals and goals at different stages. This upward force comes from our inner drive. From small to large, from individual to team, from enterprise to society, we constantly sublimate internal drive, from excellent to excellent!

People are ambitious, ambitious! Let's pursue the upward power together as a striver!

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