Love Cody the first forklift safety skills contest

In order to improve the driving skills of forklift drivers in the factory area, strengthen the awareness of safe driving of employees, and ensure that the company can produce in a safe environment, at 1: 00 p.m. on July 26, 2019, the first aikodi forklift skills competition with the theme of "skill competition, elegant demeanour and safety awareness first" kicked off in factory no 5. This event was led by the company's deputy general manager He Shenghua and hosted by the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection. Zhang Yuetang, chairman of the company's trade union, and Zeng Yixin, an expert on safety projects for Acodi, attended the competition.


There are 27 contestants in the competition. The competition is divided into two events: skillful winding of obstacles and stacking of pallets. In the skillful obstacle project, the contestants demonstrated the driving skills of the forklift, skillful reversing, turning, and accurate positioning, which won the unanimous praise of the audience. In the pallet stacking project, the players need to stack wooden trays one by one on the four corners of the Coke cans and aim them directly above the Coke cans, which greatly tests the forklift driver's control over accuracy and stability. As the players entered the state, in line with the principle of "safety first, competition second", a realistic version of "speed and passion" was staged at the competition site, and the applause and cheers became more and more enthusiastic.



After three hours of fierce competition, in the end, six contestants stood out. Xiecheng Industrial Furnace Wang Guangwei Won First Prize; No.2 Factory Wang Guangbing and Baohou Machinery He Shuping won the second prize; No.2 Factory Chang Mengmeng, No.5 Factory Xie Chengsen and Baohou Machinery Yan Zhiwu won the third prize.


This skill competition not only improved the employees' awareness of safe driving, but also stimulated the employees' innovative passion to challenge and surpass themselves in the process of exchanging skills and learning from each other, forming an upward atmosphere of common improvement, catching up and surpassing.

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