Intelligent equipment

It has been actively learning and absorbing advanced manufacturing technology and process home and abroad, at the same time, IKD has also imported a large number of advanced foreign die casting equipment (such as Toshiba or Toyo automatic die casting equipment made in Japan); high-precision and high-efficiency precision machinery processing equipment (such as Chiron and SW double spindle of machine tools from Germany etc.); advanced liquid aluminum heating system (such as the French impregnation heater etc.); high-performance assembly equipment (such as torque controlled wrench and Keyence photoelectric sensor from Japan etc.) and the leading testing equipment (like French dry leakage tester etc.). The number of existing various kinds of main machinery and equipment is up to 883 sets. By the application of these advanced high-performance and high-precision equipment, IKD is able to continuously provide customers with stable-performance and qualified products.

The company promotes the development strategy of “Smart manufacture by Robot” comprehensively so as to improve the automation and intellectualization of die casting, precision machining equipment. In April, 2015, it established its subsidiary Ningbo Cindy Automation Co.,Ltd which specialized in the system application and engineering technical services of industrial robots and the related intelligent manufacturing equipment. Up to March, 2016, it brought in over 100 various types of customized programming multipurpose industrial robots, and these robots were widely used in die casting, precision machining, deburring, buffing and all the production process so as to reach multiple effects like improving production efficiency, reducing the production cost, improving working environment, simplifying productive manpower, reducing defective rate and improving product quality stability etc.

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