Ingenuity and Dreams Gather in the New Era-Salute to the Strugglers

Ingenuity and Dreams Gather in New Era


Accompanied by the warm spring breeze, as the May 1st International Labor Day is approaching, on April 28, nearly 30 employees of Aikedi participated in the Jiangbei District "Promoting the Spirit of Craftsmen and Helping the Six Strives to Tackle the May 1st International Labor Day and Jiangbei Craftsmen" At the commendation meeting, we returned with honor, let's take a look.

Honored tribute to the strivers


Aicodi won two "Craftsman" character awards this time. Wu Huajun of No.5 factory won the honor of "Hong Kong City Craftsman" and Xilun of No.3 factory building won the honor of "Jiangbei Craftsman.

Strugglers are the happiest. Happiness comes from the process of struggle and the harvest after hard work. Take the strivers as the foundation, pay tribute to the strivers, take the advanced as an example, guide and encourage employees to base themselves on their own duties, practice skills, improve quality, and make contributions to the development of the enterprise.

Go forward bravely and strive for a new journey


For more than 20 years, Aikodi has been deeply involved in the auto parts industry, guided by the spirit of craftsmen, carrying forward the spirit of excellence and unremitting struggle, and creating the dream stage of strugglers. Go ahead bravely, work hard and pursue excellence. Let's all participate, interpret ingenuity with the mentality of a striver, practice craftsman's soul with sweat and hard work, and let's work together to help move forward for the development of the new era!

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