All together, 2019 here we come!

The years do not live, the season is like a stream. In order to thank IKD employees for their unremitting efforts and review the 2018 outlook 2019, the annual meeting on the theme of "unite as one and innovate the old" was successfully held on January 19, 2019, opening the New Year's chapter and sharing the honor ceremony.


Since the first headquarters functional annual meeting was successfully held on January 5, 2019, the two-week "Annual Meeting Week" officially kicked off. Subsequently, various factories, branches, subsidiaries and functional departments have successively held various forms of annual meetings. With the successful conclusion of the annual meeting of the company, all of us IKD people drew a satisfactory end for the 2018 and sounded the horn of charge for the 2019.


Chairman and general manager Zhang Jiancheng made an important speech. He analyzed the current situation facing the automobile industry. He said that in the face of new challenges, the first thing we should do is to practice our internal skills, open source on the one hand and cut expenditure on the other. On the tasks of the new year, he put forward three hopes: first, to vigorously promote the construction of corporate culture, resources will be exhausted, and only culture can continue to thrive. Practicing the core values of "honest struggle, collaborative innovation, gratitude and win-win" is an important cornerstone for inheriting and realizing IKD's century-old enterprise dream; second, vigorously promote management transformation and upgrading, on the basis of the achievements already made, further strengthen the construction of "mechanisms, systems, and processes", establish management standards that IKD can inherit, and promote management sinking; third, vigorously promote technological transformation and upgrading, in line with the principle of tilting all resources to customers, adhere to customer-oriented, problem-oriented. He said that the road of "building an invisible champion and building a century-old enterprise" is inseparable from the hard work of every IKD person. We look forward to working hand in hand with our employees and growing together.

Wonderful moment



IKD is our common ship, and each of us is a sailor on board. The future of the ship is our future, and the fate of the ship is our fate. If we want to sail and achieve greater success, we must unite as one, maintain the spirit of struggle, and pay more hardships and efforts. The mission calls for responsibility, and the example leads the times. The golden and iron horses hear the drums of war and seize the day to start a new journey. On the road of building an invisible champion and building a century-old enterprise, let us work together to win the future.

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