"Celebrate the same life and enjoy life" IKD birthday party

When I was a child, birthdays were a family joy.

There are mom and dad, there are cake candles

School, the birthday is the students get-together

Have a classmate friendship, have a toast

After work, birthday is a happy gathering of colleagues

There is a dream to build the future, there is hand in hand

In order to let employees feel the warmth of IKD family, care about and pay attention to the growth of each employee, the human resources department held a grand birthday party for the birthday stars in early January on January 15, 2019. Everyone gathered together, happy and happy. The dreamy and warm on-site layout, exquisite and delicious cakes, rich categories of drinks and fruits, exquisite small gifts and mysterious awards, let each participating birthday girl enjoy a wonderful feast and have a beautiful and unforgettable birthday party.



In the happy birthday song, each birthday girl received a delicate card with the company's blessing. With the host's enthusiastic opening remarks, the birthday party officially began. Sheng Hong, director and deputy general manager of the company, sent warm and sincere wishes to the birthday stars on behalf of the company, and lit candles, sang birthday songs, made wishes and cut cakes with everyone. The atmosphere was warm.




"You come to me to guess", "I love to remember the lyrics" ...... A variety of interactive games, surprises constantly mysterious lottery will be the birthday party to the climax, eye-catching audience applauded.


Good times are always short, but the memory in my heart is eternal. At the end of the activity, the birthday stars wrote their birthday wishes and wishes to the company on small cards. "We plan to make a tree of hope and hang these small cards on the tree of hope, implying that IKD will have a long-lasting foundation in everyone's blessing and build a century-old enterprise." The head of the human resources department said.


The successful holding of this birthday party not only embodies the cordial care of the company's leaders for the employees, but also demonstrates the company's corporate culture atmosphere and the extraordinary centripetal force of the employees. For a long time, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "let every employee work happily and happily", and hopes that through the continuous holding of birthday parties, starting from small things, we will strive to make every employee feel the warmth of home and work together with the company. grow up.

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