Jiangbei District Craftsman College settled in Aikodi College!

On the afternoon of December 5, "Jiangbei District Craftsmen College" settled in Aikedi College, adding strength to the company's team of craftsmen. Liu Xiangbing, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of the China Institute of Labor Relations, led a team of professors and experts, Han Pengjun, deputy secretary and vice chairman of the Ningbo Federation of Trade unions, Sun Xintu, deputy director of the standing Committee of the Jiangbei District people's Congress and chairman of the District Federation of Trade unions, Zhang Ning, secretary of the Party work Committee and director of the Management Committee of Jiangbei Industrial Zone, as well as relevant leaders of Ningbo Federation of Trade unions, Jiangbei Federation of Trade unions and Jiangbei Industrial Zone. Zhang Yuetang, chairman of the aikodi trade union, Dong Liping, assistant to the chairman of aikodi and executive director of the college, and representatives of the students attended the awarding ceremony.


Dong Liping, Executive Dean of Acody College, introduced the company and Acody College.


"Craftsman College" awarding ceremony


Speech by Liu Xiangbing

Liu Xiangbing congratulated Jiangbei District Craftsman School on its establishment in Aikodi College, and very much recognized Aikodi College's philosophy of being a photocopier for enterprise talents and advocating lifelong learning. He pointed out that in the context of the current learning society, Aikedi College has built a good learning platform for corporate education and for cultivating outstanding employees, outstanding craftsmen, and outstanding managers. Jiangbei District Craftsmen College is also for the country to achieve China. The goal of manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing in China contributes to the backbone. The China Institute of Labor Relations is a university affiliated to the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. It has unique advantages in the field of labor relations and trade unions. It looks forward to the follow-up cooperation with Aikodi College and Jiangbei District Craftsman School.

Aikodi College was formally established on September 1, 2018, with the mission of "building employees' lifelong learning ability" and the concept of "unity of knowledge and practice", it has set up 27 fixed classes and attracted more than 1200 students to sign up for learning.


Establishing School-Enterprise Cooperation with Tsinghua University


Hiring Professor Xu Weimin of Zhejiang University as Honorary Dean


Establishment of Academician Workstation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Establishing School-Enterprise Cooperation with Ningbo Institute of Technology

Acodi College has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Ningbo Institute of Technology, and cooperated with internationally renowned consulting companies such as Franklin Covey to carry out a series of training programs, and plans to open corporate culture, corporate management, machining, etc. Series of courses. The college is committed to creating excellent courses to solve enterprise problems, becoming a talent copier for enterprises, and cultivating applied talents for the society.

For a long time, Aikodi attaches great importance to the cultivation of craftsmen. With Aikodi College as the platform, it improves the professional skills of employees, improves the technical level of craftsmen, inherits corporate culture, and spreads the spirit of craftsmen. Build a team, accelerate the construction of a grand army of knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative industrial workers, spread their wings on the fertile soil of innovation and development, and contribute to the development of the country and society!

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