Acodi Won the Gold Award of the Second ROI China Industrial 4.0 Outstanding Contribution Award


On November 16, 2018, Jung's "2018 Global Smart Factory Summit Forum Award Ceremony" was grandly opened in Shanghai. The forum brought together hundreds of domestic and foreign experts, scholars and senior colleagues to conduct in-depth discussions on the development of industrial 4.0 and explore demand trends. Acodi Co., Ltd. and Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd., Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd., and Bosch Rexroth Beijing Factory also won the China Industrial 4.0 Outstanding Contribution Award. Sheng Hong, director and deputy general manager of Acodi Co., Ltd., attended the award ceremony, and he Shenghua, deputy general manager, delivered a keynote speech.



He Shenghua believes that digital factories should meet customer requirements for quality traceability of the whole process. Realize glass-like transparent site and abnormal rapid response mechanism; Automatically form big data reports to realize continuous improvement of management. To this end, we must meet the actual needs of the factory as the starting point; lean thinking as the core of the system planning. "IE IT is the industrial 4.0 in my mind."

The Rung's (ROI) Industrial 4.0 Award originated in Germany in 2013 to recognize outstanding industrial 4.0 solutions in the manufacturing sector and is awarded to companies that have implemented industrial 4.0 in their production systems in whole or in part. In 2017, ROI Germany Ruiouying Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (Beijing) and Jung Industrial Media introduced this award to China. The "ROI China Industrial 4.0 Outstanding Contribution Award" aims to discover excellent industrial 4.0 solutions in the manufacturing field in China and award them corresponding recognition and honor.


As one of the leading professional suppliers of automotive aluminum alloy precision die castings in China, IKD has been deeply involved in the die casting industry for more than 20 years and is committed to promoting the lightweight development of the global automotive industry and helping the die casting industry to transform and upgrade in the direction of green, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. In recent years, IKD has always followed the concept of "IE IT" in the construction of lean digital factories, focusing on building digital production control capabilities in the manufacturing process of aluminum alloy precision die castings, using advanced IOT Internet of Things technology to collect information required for optimization of the manufacturing process, and realizing the end-to-end full value chain flow of customer orders to warehousing and delivery, management decisions to execution control, management standards to culture leading the trinity. In the future, IKD will continue to explore a new mode of production management in discrete manufacturing industry by integrating lean, automation and informatization in the auto parts industry, and study how to effectively combine MES Internet of Things application with manufacturing site and industrial robots, deeply integrate production management and quality management with information system, and realize the effective improvement of various production management indexes such as quality, cost and delivery date under the guidance of lean thinking.

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