Lean Management

The production process of IKD’s main products covers tooling designing and developing, centralized smelting, die casting, trimming processing, heat treating, precision machining, surface treating, local assembling and such all the process of auto parts manufacturing, which has the characteristics of integrative industrial chain.

IKD’s main products are small and medium-sized die-casting parts with features of wide varieties, non-standardized, multiple batches etc. It also places high emphasis  on lean production and management. Its competitive advantages are just reflected on efficient management which results from professional management team and continuous innovative management technology. IKD has excellent comprehensive systematic management ability, integrating information management system organically into all the processes of daily operation management with flat organization structure, setting up a comprehensive management system covering R&D, product developing, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, storage, logistics, personnel and finance and all the process, thus implementing the superb management mode.

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