Mr. Zhang Jiancheng, Chairman of IKD, was invited to participate in the 2018 China International Die Casting Forum and Die Casting CEO Summit

"Reignite the new fire of die casting and win-win the development of a bright new future for the die casting industry"-at 9: 00 a.m. on October 25, 2018, the "2018 China International Die Casting High-level Forum and the 2nd Die Casting CEO Summit" kicked off in Beilun District, Ningbo City, China's die casting industry demonstration base. Relevant leaders of the government and industry associations, executives of leading enterprises in the die-casting industry, representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs, well-known experts and scholars in the industry, and nearly 700 die-casting elites from home and abroad gathered together to witness this great moment belonging to die-casting people!


As one of the leading professional suppliers of automotive aluminum alloy precision die castings in China, IKD was invited to participate in this event. IKD has been deeply involved in the die casting industry for more than 20 years, and is committed to promoting the lightweight development of the global automotive industry and helping the die casting industry to transform and upgrade in the direction of green, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. Through strict control of product quality and strict adherence to the spirit of the contract, it has won unanimous recognition from customers in the industry with high quality standards, high execution, and integrity. In the "Ningbo Capital Market Development Report · 2017" released on October 25, IKD Ranked among the best in the financial competitiveness of listed companies in Ningbo.

IKD Chairman Zhang Jiancheng was invited to attend the forum and speak. Zhang Jiancheng reviewed his own growth experience and his entrepreneurial experience of seizing the development opportunities of the times. When talking about the development strategy and management of the enterprise, he said that an enterprise is like a cell of human society and also a life. Then an enterprise must have a life cycle. What I think most every day is how an enterprise can live with quality, Have the ability to live independently and prolong its life on the basis of quality of life, cast a hundred years of enterprise dream.


He said that the management of an enterprise is the management of resources such as "people, money, and things". The most important resource is people, the spirit of people, and the corporate culture composed of people. The most important thing for managers is to solve the employees' sense of achievement, sense of belonging and warmth like home, so as to truly make the core employees become the masters of the company's development. The second is to pursue the use of various resources to the extreme and maximize the efficiency and efficiency. This requires the full use of ERP tools, MES tools, big data platforms and other information tools to realize lean management and production, and continuously promote the progress of production technology to improve production efficiency, reduce seven major wastes, and realize open source and reduce expenditure.

When it comes to the future, he is full of confidence. We will unswervingly promote the globalization strategy, make full use of Internet management thinking, improve production efficiency, and be guided by the needs of different customers in the global market, promote the transformation of the enterprise, and strive to achieve localized production., Service, and management can be replicated to create value for customers.

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