Aspiracy is high, love Cody College is starting!

On September 1, 2018, the opening ceremony of Aikodi College was successfully held! Mr. Zhang Jiancheng, chairman and general manager of IKD, Mr. Xu Weimin, independent director of the first board of directors of IKD, professor and doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University, Mr. Su Zhigang, Secretary of the Party committee and professor of Ningbo Institute of technology, as well as guests and friends who care about and support the development of IKD attended the opening ceremony. IKD middle and senior management team, internal trainers, class leaders and employees of the college, and student representatives gathered together to celebrate the smooth opening of the college.




On-site direct hit

Aikodi College is the cradle of IKD to cultivate talents, and it is also an important carrier for IKD to deeply promote, inherit corporate culture, and continuously improve the talent training system. Aikodi College will take "inheriting culture and cultivating talents" as its tenet, adhering to the core values of "integrity, collaboration, innovation, and win-win", and add luster to the creation of a century-old enterprise.


Small chorus "fly higher"-corporate culture construction group representative: high-pitched singing will lead the audience to one climax after another!


The unveiling ceremony!


Ms. Dong Liping, Executive Dean of Icodi College and Assistant to the Chairman of IKD, introduced the planning of Icodi College and encouraged everyone to build lifelong learning ability.


Mr. Xu Weimin was appointed Honorary Dean of Acody College and sent a message that Acody College is flourishing and getting better and better!


Mr. Su Zhigang delivered a speech, willing to help Aikodi College cultivate more applied talents!


Mr. Zhang Jiancheng, President of Aikodi College, Chairman and General Manager of IKD, gave a lecture on "The First Class of School"-"Aspiring"!


Mr. Zhang explained his life experience of growth, entrepreneurship, and struggle, and encouraged everyone to aspire to be lofty. Work is not only practice, but also enjoyment; you must dare to change your life, continuously improve your management awareness, and have the courage to take responsibility. He said that the establishment of ikodi College is one of the symbols of the landing of corporate culture, and the opening ceremony is not only the first step in the long march of ikodi College, but also a key step in the transformation of IKD management reform. He sent a message that Aikodi College is like a boat of culture that is about to lead IKD people out of Hong Kong. IKD people will shoulder the mission of "creating value for customers and building a dream platform for strivers" and make unremitting efforts to realize the dream of "building an invisible champion and building a century-old enterprise!

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