The "two-way integration management system implementation standard start-up conference" was successfully held.

On March 30, 2018, the "two-way integration management system implementation start-up meeting" was successfully held at the company's headquarters. Relevant leaders of Ningbo Information Promotion Association, Jiangbei District Economic and Information Bureau and Jiangbei Industrial Zone Management Committee came to the company to guide and attend the meeting. Company Chairman Zhang Jiancheng, Deputy General Manager Li Jianjun, Chief Financial Officer Xi Haijun and Assistant General Manager He Shenghua attended the meeting, accompanied by relevant departments and factory leaders of the company.


Zhang Jiancheng pointed out that in recent years, the company has invested a lot of material and manpower to realize the intelligent production of automotive lightweight parts, and has achieved remarkable results. The development of the integration of the two standards is of great significance to the company's intelligent manufacturing development. He stressed that the development, establishment and maintenance of the integration of the two management system is an important breakthrough to promote enterprise management innovation and the upgrading of various management work. He encouraged the whole company to participate in the implementation of the standard under the leadership of the lean management department. At the meeting, Zhang Jiancheng also announced the decision to set up a leading group for the implementation of the standard and the list of its members. He Shenghua gave a detailed introduction to the implementation effect and plan of "Aikodi Lean Digital Factory.


Chen Juntao, secretary-general of the Ningbo Informatization Promotion Association, very much agrees with the company's original intention of informatization construction, and highly appreciates the company's achievements in the construction of lean digital factories. He said that Aikodi has truly achieved a deep "integration" of the two modernizations. Through the re-promotion of this implementation of standards, it can promote the informatization construction of enterprises faster and better.

Finally, Jiangbei District Economic and Information Bureau Deputy Director Ying Yuebo speech. He affirmed Acody's achievements in information construction in recent years. He said that the promotion of the integration of industrialization and industrialization in Jiangbei District is in line with the needs of economic development and the trend of national policies. The implementation of the integration management system of industrialization and industrialization means that the construction of enterprise informatization has entered a higher level. It is hoped that Aikedi, as one of the backbone enterprises in Jiangbei District, will take this opportunity to continuously consolidate the industrial foundation, promote the interactive innovation of data, technology and business processes, and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise. At the same time, it can exchange and share experiences with enterprises in the whole region and help each other.

Participants expressed their expectation for the future development of Acodi in the integration of the two. The conference ended successfully in an inspiring and inspiring atmosphere.


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