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IKD can develop die-casting tooling independently, and all the die-casting tooling used are designed and customized according to the requirements of the customers. All the R&D personnel have professional background and have accumulated rich experience and summarized a set of advanced and efficient design concept through the long term cooperation with global well-known large multinational auto parts suppliers. In addition, the R&D personnel actively carried out simulation analysis on the flow of liquid aluminum and such impact factors by utilizing advanced technologies like computer aided design (CAD). Accordingly, tooling design was optimized and improved and high-quality tooling can be trial-produced and manufactured.

IKD has always been actively engaged in product R&D work for customers. With its tooling designing and productivity, as well as its rich product developing experience accumulated from cooperation with global well-known large multinational auto parts suppliers, now it has basically formed a joint development pattern that the customer provide the product designing drawing, IKD helps to improve the product structure design from the angel of all production process including tooling design and manufacturing, die-casting, precision machining, assembling and so on, so as to reduce the production cost.

In addition, IKD has set up engineering technology center which is responsible for the research and development of new technology and new products as well as the foundation crafts. All the R&D work of all kinds of projects for all the factories are centrally arranged by the engineering technology center, thus the duplication of costs can be reduced and efficiency can be improved. Consequently, that is also beneficial to the transforming of the rich practical experience accumulated for many years into core technology. By the end of March, 2016, IKD and its subsidiaries have achieved 47 patents, including 2 invention patents and 45 utility model patents.

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