Work Together to Change-Interview with Sheng Hong, Vice President of Bosch Die Casting Supplier Aikodi Co., Ltd.

The Bosch 2016 Asia Pacific Supplier Conference held at Kempinski Hotel Suzhou on June 13 has come to a successful conclusion. This special interview with Mr. Sheng Hong, vice president of Bosch die casting supplier Aikodi Co., Ltd., to listen to his feelings and hopes for the future of cooperation with Bosch.


Q1: Mr. Sheng, thank you for attending the Bosch Asia Pacific Supplier Conference as a representative of IKD. Please briefly introduce your company.

A: IKD is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of aluminum alloy die-casting parts. After years of development, we have mold design/simulation software and its mold manufacturing, die-casting, precision machining, infiltration equipment, surface treatment and assembly. Process, and a set of project management system, quality management system, production management system and risk control system that meet the production requirements of auto parts.


Q2: Why does IKD respond to Bosch's request to build a factory in Mexico?

A: IKD as Bosch's preferred die-casting supplier, all in order to meet customer needs and can supply Bosch from local factories in the world is our goal. At the Bosch German Supplier Conference in September 2013, compared with Bosch's mature supplier system in the Asia-Pacific region, Bosch proposed that European suppliers should go to Mexico to set up factories to fill the vacancy in the North American supply chain. In the meeting lunch, I talked with Dr. Nowak about IKD's globalization strategy. His encouragement strengthened IKD's confidence that it could set up a production base in North America first. After returning home, I contacted the purchasing manager of Bosch China to express IKD's willingness to build a factory in Mexico. The purchasing team of Bosch Asia Pacific supported our idea very much. After communicating with the purchasing management of Bosch North America, put forward the goal of building the factory in two years. For such a seemingly impossible task at the time, IKD held a management team meeting overnight. After full communication and demonstration, it formulated a preliminary plan and hoped to get Bosch's local help in Mexico.


Q3: What specific things did Bosch do to help IKD complete this task?

A: Bosch China and Bosch North America are actively linked. First of all, they confirmed that IKD hopes to find local partners in Mexico. They contacted dozens of die-casting companies in Bosch North America's die-casting supplier database. Finally, they confirmed that 8 companies have the willingness to cooperate, and arranged a weekly teleconference for IKD to enhance mutual understanding with each company. The communication lasted for 4 months, until February 2014, a week's specific travel plan was arranged, and two senior purchasing managers were sent to drive the IKD team through twists and turns in a week. Finally, the local partner FAEZA was found, and the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation after the first meeting. During the whole process of IKD's construction of the Mexican factory, Bosch's team sent elite teams to give IKD strong guidance and support from the project, technology, system establishment and even the layout of the new factory according to the needs of both parties. This is also the most critical factor for IKD's construction of the Mexican factory to complete the construction task 202 days in advance.


Q4: As the first Chinese die-casting supplier to set up a factory in Mexico, what do you think of the future cooperation with Bosch?

A: I think Bosch, as the world's largest auto parts company, treats all suppliers with a very equal attitude. As I shared at the meeting, I think that for the successful construction of the factory, first of all, as a supplier, we must have our own strategic planning and be recognized by Bosch. At the same time, after the senior management of both sides have determined the goals, the departments of both companies will formulate specific and feasible implementation plans under the unified goals, and constantly track the results, adjust the local goals according to the specific situation, and meet the overall goals to be completed on time and according to quality.


IKD successfully built a factory in Mexico and began to produce and supply it to Bosch Mexico North America from this year. It is only the first step in the long march. We will definitely encounter various problems in the future. With such a strategic cooperative relationship with Bosch, IKD is confident and capable of overcoming difficulties and fulfilling the higher requirements of world-class customers like Bosch. Finally, I also hope that more Chinese suppliers will join us. Facing the huge challenges of exchange rate and labor cost, we will lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises in Mexico and look at the world. I am also very willing to share our experience and help you achieve this goal earlier. Thanks again to the Bosch team for their support of IKD.


(Reprinted Bosch China WeChat)

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