Our company through the customs AEO advanced certification


On November 15, 2016, Acodi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") passed the customs AEO advanced certification and obtained the highest level of "credit pass" for international trade ".

According to the Interim Measures for the Credit Management of the People's Republic of China Customs Enterprises promulgated by the General Administration of Customs in October 2014, the credit status of customs registered enterprises is divided into three categories: certified enterprises (advanced certified enterprises, general certified enterprises), general credit enterprises and untrustworthy enterprises. Among them, the advanced customs certification enterprise is equivalent to the AEO certification enterprise advocated by the World Customs Organization and is the highest-level credit enterprise in international trade.

Approved AEO advanced certification needs to meet a number of strict requirements, must be implemented by the General Administration of Customs, including internal control, financial situation, law-abiding norms, trade security and other verification audit. After becoming an advanced certification enterprise, the company can not only enjoy a series of convenient preferential measures given by the domestic customs, such as simplified examination, priority handling, customs clearance exemption, credit release, etc., but also enjoy convenient measures equivalent to the corresponding customs management category of the country (region) in the country (region) with mutual recognition with China, which will greatly shorten the customs clearance time, speed up the import and export process of the company's products, improve logistics efficiency and reduce customs clearance costs, provide convenience for enterprises.

It is understood that at present, China has signed AEO mutual recognition between China and Singapore (Canada), China and South Korea, Inner Hong Kong and Central Europe (regions), and consultations on AEO mutual recognition with the United States, India, Malaysia, Turkey and other countries (regions) are also under way.

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