Customer Resources

IKD’s business covers evenly the automobile,industry developed regions of America, Europe and Asia. Its major customers are the global well-known large multinational auto parts suppliers, including Valeo, Bosch, Getrag(was taken over by Magna in 2016), Knorr-Bremse, Magna, Nidec and Borgwarner, Continental, Mahle, Nexteer, Schaeffler, ThyssenKrupp, ZF etc.


R&D Design

IKD can develop die-casting tooling independently, and all the die-casting tooling used are designed and customized according to the requirements of the customers. All the R&D personnel have professional background and have accumulated rich experience and summarized a set of advanced and efficient design concept through the long term cooperation with global well-known large multinational auto parts suppliers. In addition, the R&D personnel actively carried out simulation analysis on the flow of liquid aluminum and such impact factors by utilizing advanced technologies like computer aided design (CAD). Accordingly, tooling design was optimized and improved and high-quality tooling can be trial-produced and manufactured.


Lean Management

The production process of IKD’s main products covers tooling designing and developing, centralized smelting, die casting, trimming processing, heat treating, precision machining, surface treating, local assembling and such all the process of auto parts manufacturing, which has the characteristics of integrative industrial chain.


Intelligent equipment

It has been actively learning and absorbing advanced manufacturing technology and process home and abroad, at the same time, IKD has also imported a large number of advanced foreign die casting equipment (such as Toshiba or Toyo automatic die casting equipment made in Japan); high-precision and high-efficiency precision machinery processing equipment (such as Chiron and SW double spindle of machine tools from Germany etc.); advanced liquid aluminum heating system (such as the French impregnation heater etc.); high-performance assembly equipment (such as torque controlled wrench and Keyence photoelectric sensor from Japan etc.) and the leading testing equipment (like French dry leakage tester etc.). The number of existing various kinds of main machinery and equipment is up to 883 sets. By the application of these advanced high-performance and high-precision equipment, IKD is able to continuously provide customers with stable-performance and qualified products.


Production Engineering

Over the years of accumulation and development, the company has a number of core production technology and engineering and these are used in the various process of production, including energy saving melting and such melting technology; insulation, multistage injection with real-time feedback of controlling, high vacuum die casting, local extrusion diecasting, mold temperature controlling, aerial fog spraying and such die casting technology; flexible manufacturing, application of PCD cutting tools, high efficient multiple-spindle machining, checking regression of workpieces, flexible positioning, thin-walled parts processing, knurling with cuttings, extrusion pressing and such precision machining technology; integrated automation technology like automatic loading and uploading by robots etc.; tests for cleanliness, measurement for convex point surface of die casting parts, automatic detecting of “X-RAY”, air-leakage test, high efficient threaded-hole detecting, non-contact flatness detecting technology and such high precision detection technology. It has experienced professional?technical?team. On the basis of mastering the core technology, its independent R&D and technology innovation ability has been further enhanced through continued cooperation for product?development and technology communication with large automotive system suppliers.


Quality Control

The company carries out full participation and full coverage of quality management. Pursuant to the quality controlling standards of ISO/TS-16949, combining with the actual business operation situation of the automotive aluminum precision die casting parts, the company established the quality controlling system, which is led by General Manager and conducted by the leaders of all departments. The company has set up a four-tier quality controlling system, compiled programmatic "Quality Manual", "Procedure Documents “corresponding to various operation flows and "Working Instructions" corresponding to daily operations and such various types of documentary records, so that the work of all departments could be efficiently supervised and guided, and the tools which are commonly used in the automotive industry e.g. "Advanced Product Quality Planning(APQP)", "Production Part Approval Process(PPAP)" and "Failure Mode and Effects Analysis(FMEA)" etc. could be widely applied in the key points of the product quality controlling. Meanwhile, the company has set up the documents of products and customers. The full-time staffs in the business center are responsible for providing the product after-sales whole-process tracing service. Through communication with customers and providing timely improvement feedback to the customers by the technical and production staff, IKD thus achieves continuous improvement of products and service quality.


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